1. The name of the Club shall be “CLACTON RUGBY UNION FOOTBALL CLUB” and its purpose shall be to provide and manage facilities for and promote participation in the sport of rugby union football

2. The Club shall play according to the Laws of the Game of Rugby Football as framed by the International Rugby Football Board

3. The Club shall be in membership with the “Rugby Football Union” , “Eastern Counties Rugby Football Union”, “Essex County Rugby Football Union Ltd” and the “Suffolk Rugby Union”

4. The affairs of the Club shall be controlled by a Management Committee elected as provided for by Rule 13, who will ensure there is a duty of care to all members, provide all services that are fair to everyone and ensure that present and future members receive fair and equal treatment

5. Membership of the club shall be open to the whole community irrespective of ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, or belief. The classes of membership shall consist of:-
    (a) Vice Presidents, who shall be entitled to full privileges of the Club, except the right to play matches
    (b) Playing Members, who shall be entitled to full privileges of the Club
    (c) Social Members, who shall be entitled to full privileges of the Club, except the right to play matches or apply for International Match tickets

The Committee shall have the power to elect Life and/or Honorary Members in any of the above classes

Application for election for membership shall be made in writing on the form prescribed by the Committee. Where an application for membership is received, the applicant shall not be admitted to membership or be entitled to any of the privileges of membership, until at least two days after the application Each member of the Club on election shall receive a copy of these Rules and be bound thereby

The Membership Secretary may from time to time accept persons as Temporary Members on such conditions as may be deemed fit, subject to approval by the Committee at its next meeting

6. A Member desiring to resign his/her membership shall do so in writing to the Honorary Secretary before December 31st, otherwise he/she shall be liable for his/her Subscription for the then current season

7. The amount of the Annual Subscription payable by Members shall be recommended by the Committee and fixed at a General Meeting. The Membership Secretary shall have the power to accept a reduced subscription at his/her discretion subject to confirmation by the Committee at its next meeting

8. The Subscription of a Member shall be payable annually by the October 30th, or within four weeks of election, if elected after October 1st

9. Members whose Subscriptions continue unpaid on 31st December in any year shall cease to be Members of the Club

10. Notice of the the Annual General Meeting will be given by the Honorary Secretary not less than 21 clear days beforehand to all Club Members and shall be held before the 31st May of any year for the purpose of electing a Management Committee and Officers and for the transaction of any other business

Nominations to serve as Officers to be elected at the Annual General Meeting shall be sent to the Honorary Secretary in writing together with the names of the proposer and seconder at least two days before the date of such meeting

The Annual General Meeting shall also consider the accounts for the preceding year. The Management Committee may convene a Special General Meeting at any time and must do so on receiving a requisition to that effect addressed to the Honorary Secretary and signed by not less than five members of the Club

The requisition shall clearly state the specific resolution or resolutions to be moved and no other business shall be transacted at that meeting. Special General Meetings must be held within twenty-eight days of the receipt of the requisition by the Honorary Secretary and the Agenda shall accompany the Notice. If, when required to do so, the Committee fail to convene a Special General Meeting within the stipulated time the requistioners may do so

11. The time, date and place of all General Meetings shall be decided by the Committee and the meeting called by the Honorary Secretary, who shall give seven clear days notice. The non-receipt of any Notice by a Member or inadvertent failure to give Notice to any Member shall not invalidate the holding of the Meeting or any business transacted at it. The Agenda shall accompany the notice calling all General Meetings. The quorum for any General Meeting shall be eleven Members. In the event of an equality of votes the Chairpman shall have a casting vote as well as a deliberate vote

12. No Rule shall be altered rescinded or added to without the consent of three-fourths of those present and voting at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose. Notice of any alteration in the Rules to be considered at the Annual General Meeting shall be given in writing to the Honorary Secretary together with the names of the proposer and the seconder at least seven days before the announced date of the Annual General Meeting

13. The Officers of the Club shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall comprise
              The President
              The Chairman  
              The Vice-Chairman
              The Captain of each XV
              The Club Coach
              The Honorary Secretary
              The Honorary Treasurer
              The Match/Fixture Secretary
              The Membership Secretary
              The Chairman of the Social Sub-Committee
              The Chairman of the Clubhouse and Bar Management Committee who shall serve for one year, but will be eligible for re-election thereafter

14. The Club will be managed through a Management Committee consisting of  

    (a) The Officers elected under Rule 13
    (b) Three Other Members to be elected at the Annual General Meeting
    (c) The Youth Manager or the appointed representative

Only these Members have the right to vote at Management Committee meetings but the Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt

(i) replacements for any of those elected under Rule 14(a) or Rule 14(b) who may vacate their positions. Such co-opted Members shall have full voting powers and serve until the next General Meeting
(ii) a maximum of two additional Members of the Committee. Such co-opted Members shall have no voting powers and may serve until the next General Meeting.
The Management Committee will be convened by the Honorary Secretary and there will be at least six meetings each year. Five Members of the Management Committee shall constitute a quorum excluding any person co-opted under Rule 14(ii) The Management Committee will be responsible for disciplinary hearings of members who infringe the Club Constitution Rules and will impose the appropriate discipline or suspension

15. The Committee shall have the power to appoint one or more Sub-Committees to deal with any affairs of the Clubwith such powers as the Committee may determine. The Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer shall be members of all such Sub-Committees by virtue of their respective offices

16. At the Annual General Meeting, Honorary Auditors shall elected

17. All monies shall be paid either to the Honorary Secretary or to the Honorary Treasurer and shall be banked into an account held in the name of the Club. All cheques drawn on the Club’s banking account shall be signed by two signatories, being the Honorary Treasurer and/or the Chairman with one other signatory from; Vice-Chairman, Honorary Secretary or a Management Committee approved signatory

18. The financial year shall end on December 31st. The Honorary Treasurer shall as soon after this date as is practicable prepare and render a true and correct account of all income and expenditure of the Club together with a Balance Sheet. These accounts shall be duly audited and presented to the Annual General Meeting

19. Minutes of the proceedings at all General Meetings shall be reported by the Honorary Secretary, or an Assistant, and a permanent record kept

20. The Teams to represent the Club shall be selected by a Sub-Committee, to be known as the ‘Selection Committee’, which shall meet on Tuesday evenings during the season. The Selection Committee shall consist of the Chairman of the Club, two other Members, of whom at least one should preferably be a non-player, plus the Captain of each XV. The Selection Committee shall elect its own Chairman from among its own members

21. The players in all teams representing the Club shall play in Maroon jerseys except at the discretion of the Match Referee or the Committee

22.  The property of the Club shall be vested in Trustees who shall be appointed by the Committee and the property of the Club shall be vested in them to be dealt with by them as the Committee may from time to time direct by resolution, of which an entry in the minute book shall be conclusive evidence. The Trustees shall be indemnified against risk and expense out of the Club property. The Trustees shall hold office until death or resignation or until removal from office by the Committee.  Whereby reason of such death, resignation or removal it is necessary that a new Trustee or Trustees be appointed, for the purpose of giving effect to such nomination, the Honorary Secretary is hereby nominated as the person to appoint new Trustees of the Club within the meaning of Section 36 of the Trustees Act 1925 and he/she shall appoint the person or persons so nominated by the Committee

23. Members may introduce guests and entertain guests at the Club and there shall be kept at the Club premises a Visitors’ Book which both the Member and his Guest shall sign. The Member introducing a Guest shall be responsible for his Guest strictly observing the Club Rules and shall not leave the Club premises before his Guest. No person whose membership of the Club has been terminated or whose application or nomination for membership has at any time been rejected shall be introduced as a Guest

24. The Club shall be entitled to allow its premises to be used for non-member functions as long as such functions do not exceed twelve in each twelve month period

25. (a) Subject to the Club holding a valid Registration Certificate under the Licensing Acts the supply of intoxicating liquor in the Club premises shall be permitted during the hours to be set down by the Management Committee in accordance with the Licensing Acts approved at a General Meeting and displayed for general information. No intoxicating liquor shall be supplied to Members or to any other persons on the Club premises otherwise than by or on behalf of the Club
25. (b) The Committee shall arrange the supply of intoxicating liquor by the Club to members and to other persons on the Club premises and shall secure the due observance of the provisions of the Licensing Acts and of any conditions attached to any Registration Certificate granted in respect of the Club premises
25. (c) No person shall be paid at the expense of the Club any commission percentage or similar payment o with reference to the purchase of intoxicating liquor by the Club; nor shall any person directly or indirectly derive any pecuniary benefit from the supply of intoxicating liquor by or on behalf of the Club to Members or other persons upon Club premises apart from any benefit accruing to the Club as a whole
25. (d) No person, whether or not a Member, under the age of 18 years shall be supplied by the Club with intoxicating liquor and no person shall procure from the Club any intoxicating liquor for consumption by a person under such age
25. (e) The supply of intoxicating liquor by the Club shall be restricted as follows;
(i) to Members over 18 years of age for consumption on or off the premises
(ii) to Members’ bonafide guests over 18 years of age, introduced in accordance with Rule 23 hereof, for consumption on the premises
(iii) to Members’ and bonafide guests over 18 years of age, of any team visiting the Club premises on the occasion of a rugby match promoted by the Club for consumption on the premises
(iv) to other persons over 18 years of age in accordance with Rule 24 hereof for consumption on the premises

26. Neither the Club, nor any individual Member its Officers or Committee, shall be liable to any Member or guest for any personal injury or loss of or damage to property whatsoever or howsoever caused occurring on Club premises or arising from any activity promoted by the Club
27. Any difference of opinion which may arise as to the meaning of any of these Rules shall be decided by the Management Committee unless it occurs at a General Meeting, when the difference shall be decided by the Meeting. Any such decision shall be recorded in the Minutes and shall be accepted as the true meaning of the Rule until otherwise interpreted at a General Meeting, due notice having been given
28. The Club shall be non-profit making and any surplus income or gains shall be reinvested in the Club. In the event of the dissolution of the Club, all net assets of the Club shall be forwarded to the Rugby Football Union. A resolution to dissolve the Club can only be passed at an Annual or Special General Meeting by a majority vote by the Membership
29. Any matter arising, other than at a General Meeting, not otherwise provided for in the Constitution Rules, shall be dealt with by the Management Committee, whose decision shall be final and binding. These amended Constitution Rules were adopted and agreed at the Club Annual General Meeting on the 6th May 2005 and as amended at the Club Annual General Meeting on the 25th April 2008

                   Honorary Secretary Clacton Rugby Union Football Club
                   Reproduced: May 2008



1. Clacton Rugby Union Football Club acknowledges its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children involved in the Club from harm.

2. Clacton Rugby Union Football Club confirms that it adheres to the Rugby Football Union’s Safeguarding Policy and the procedures, practices and guidelines and endorse and adopt the Policy Statement contained in that document and any successor policy.

3. A child is anyone under the age of 18 engaged in any rugby union activity. However, where a 17 year old male player is playing in the adult game it is essential that every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure his safety and well-being are protected.

4. The Key Principles of the RFU Safeguarding Policy are that:

• The welfare of the child is, and must always be, paramount to any other considerations

• All participants regardless of age, gender, ability or disability, race, faith, culture, size, shape, language or sexual identity have the right to protection from abuse or harm

• All allegations or suspicions of abuse, neglect, harm and poor practice will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly, fairly and appropriately

• Working in partnership with other organisations, statutory agencies, parents, carers, children and young people is essential for the welfare of children

• Children have a right to expect support, and personal and social development delivered by an appropriately recruited, vetted and managed in relation to their participation in rugby union, whether they are playing, volunteering or officiating in the community or professional areas of the sport

5. Clacton Rugby Union Football Club recognises that all children have the right to participate in sport in a safe, positive and enjoyable environment whilst at the same time being protected from abuse, neglect, harm and poor practice. Clacton Rugby Union Football Club recognises that this is the responsibility of everyone involved, in whatever capacity, at the club.

6. Clacton Rugby Union Football Club will implement and comply with the RFU Code of Conduct and the Codes of Conduct for Coaches, Spectators and Officials as appropriate

7. The Club Safeguarding Officers is Kelly Buxey [07884 068 635].  The Assistant Safeguarding Officer is Colin Garrod [07875 616 432]

If you witness or are aware of an incident where the welfare of a child has been put at risk you must, in the first instance, inform a Club Safeguarding Officer. They will then inform the Essex RFU Safeguarding Manager and the England RFU Safeguarding Team. If an incident involves the Club Safeguarding Officer you should inform the Honorary Secretary (see Contacts) and either the Essex RFU Safeguarding Manager or the England RFU Safeguarding Team.

8. All members of Clacton Rugby Union Football Club who work with children in Regulated Activity must undertake an RFU Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check in accordance with RFU Regulation 21.

9. Clacton Rugby Union Football Club will ensure that all its members, whether they are coaches, parents, players or officials will comply with the Best Practice Guidance as issued by the RFU. In summary, the following are NOT acceptable and will be treated seriously by the club and may result in disciplinary action being taken by the club, the CB or the RFU:

• Working alone with a child
• Consuming alcohol whilst responsible for children
• Providing alcohol to children or allowing its supply
• Smoking in the presence of children
• Humiliating children
• Inappropriate or unnecessary physical contact with a child
• Participating in, or allowing, contact or physical games with children
• Having an intimate or sexual relationship with any child developed as a result of being in a ‘position of trust’
• Making sexually explicit comments or sharing sexually explicit material.

11. Clacton Rugby Union Football Club manages the changing facilities and arranges for them to be supervised by two DBS checked adults of the appropriate gender for the players using the facilities. Clacton Rugby Union Football Club ensures that all its coaches, parents, officials and spectators are aware that adults must not change at the same time, using the same facilities as children.

12. Clacton Rugby Union Football Club will ensure that its coaches and team managers will receive the support and training considered appropriate to their position and role. The RFU “Managing Challenging Behaviour” Policy has been adopted and circulated amongst the club workforce both, voluntary and paid.

13. Any events held on Clacton Rugby Union Football Club premises must comply with this Policy and if appropriate a Safeguarding Plan should be discussed and circulated to those affected. Any tours, overseas or domestic, undertaken by Clacton Rugby Union Football Club must comply with the relevant RFU Regulations and Guidance relating to tours.

14. The Club’s Safeguarding Officer can help you, however, if you are not sure what to do, you can can also get help from:-

              England RFU Safeguarding Adviser on 0871 222 2120

              NSPCC 24-hour freephone helpline - 0808 800 5000

              Child Protection in Sport Helpline - 01162 347278

              or contact any one of the Club’s Executive (see Contacts)

RFU Safeguarding Please drill down into these pages for information on Safeguarding plus Bullying, Changing Rooms/Showers, Coaching, Photographing/Videoing, and Recruitment of Volunteers

RFU Rules and Regulations Please drill down into these pages as there is a lot of information under this heading

RFU Safeguarding Team Contact details, again, contact is in strictest confidence and will not be shared with Clacton RUFC

Disclosure and Barring Service The DBS process explained

Updated August 2021


General Statement
Clacton Rugby Club will abide by the Laws and Rules of the Game’s governing bodies and the organisations to which the Club is affiliated. Match Officials will be treated with respect at all times; before, during and after the match. In particular the club will not tolerate : ·
              foul or dangerous play
              foul or abusive language or gestures
              threatening or intimidating behaviour
These principles apply to all Club Members including players, club officials and spectators. In particular, this applies just as much off the pitch and in the clubhouse after the game as it does on the pitch. Match Officials includes not only qualified Society-appointed Referees but Volunteer Touch Judges and Volunteer Referees, as well. Disciplinary action will be taken for any infringement of this Code of Conduct or for any con- duct prejudicial to the interests of the Game of Rugby Union, as allowed for under the Clacton RUFC Constitution Rules and could also result in action by the Rugby Football Union.

Code of Conduct for Players
Our players will be expected to abide by the General Statement and in particular will: ·
              treat Opponents, Supporters and Match Officials with respect
              accept the decisions of Match Officials without dissent
              follow the instructions of the Team Captain
              play the game ‘Sportingly’

Any player sent off by a Referee will be immediately suspended by the Club and dealt with by the Club’s Disciplinary Committee. The Club will enforce the decisions of the appropriate Disciplinary Body and players will be responsible for their own fines and associated costs. The Team Captain will support the Referee in maintaining discipline on the field of play

Code of Conduct for Non-Playing Members
Non-Playing Members will be expected to abide by the General Statement and whilst good-humoured banter is part of the game personal abuse directed at Match Officials, Players or Supporters will not be tolerated

Code of Conduct for Non-Affiliated Spectators
The Club cannot be responsible for the behaviour of Non-Members but the Team Captain, and any Club Official present will support the Referee in dealing with any spectator whose conduct is unsatisfactory